LYMPHATIC | lifted healing

75 mins

An enriched healing and stress relief treatment. It is great for healing and calming troubled skin, preparing/post surgical procedures, skin tightening, and overall skin health. This treatment provides the ultimate, remodeling experience to reveal a glow that lasts for days and leaves a healthy restored complexion.

This luxurious treatment entails an extensive cleansing lymphatic massage with healing active botanicals. Pure relaxation while simultaneously lifting, toning, and plumping skin to improve natural radiance muscles tone. 

It combines the healing and restorative properties of any combination of: plasmatic banded enzymes, ultrasound, buccal massage, cryotherapy, oxygen infusion, radio frequency, light therapy and/or electrotherapy.

CARPET READY | custom revitalize

60 mins

An instant rejuvenating glow that lasts for days and leaves a healthy restored complexion.

We prep with two customized mechanisms of microdermabrasion and a exfoliation, while oxygenating the skin to heal.

C'EST LA VIE - custom refresh

45 mins

A clarifying treatment to reveal a calm, clear and healthy complexion. A great starter!

This treatment provides deeply clarifying ingredients to rid the skin of breakouts at all layers of the skin. We combine enzymatic botanicals that calm and rebuild healthy cells, to regulate hormonal, hereditary, stress, lifestyle, and diet-induced flare-ups . We reverse inflammation, sensitivity, and injured skin cells.

Best done in a series every 2-3 weeks for acne clients until results can be sustained.

Additional Services

​DMK Treatments

Chemical Peels (Reveskin, Mesoestetic, Clarity Peel, and more)

Oxygen Therapy - Alleviates inflammation, neutralizes free radicals, toning blood vessels, improving circulation and cell membrane function, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and reducing bacteria levels to promote optimal skin function.

Light Therapy - Heals and calms existing/future breakouts reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases cell turnover and collagen production, and restores the skin's clear and healthy appearance.

Lymphatic Detox - Utilizing eastern practices, lymphatic detoxing is a massage used to remove blood stagnation, which is considered pathogenic in traditional East Asian medicine. A combination of therapeutic techniques is used to produce an anti-inflammatory/immune protective effect and clarity of the mind and senses that persists for days following a single session. 

Pre/post-op, with stress, puffiness, pain, stiffness, fatigue, etc. It is stimulating to the immune system, detoxifies, increases circulation, regulates cellular function, normalizes metabolic processes, removes stagnation, eases the pain, and increases elasticity and firmness of the skin.

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