The ultimate quenching and plumping serum. Hyaluronic acid plus specialized neuropeptides, signaling peptides, and DMAE deliver intense multi-level hydration and extracellular matrix support to give skin renewed buoyancy, radiance, and lift. Enriched with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds to protect skin’s structural components from age-accelerating damage. 

Creates a potent synthesis of results when combined with Vivant’s Retinyl Propionate or GFP Complex therapies to restore a youthful appearance.

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Intensely hydrating and plumping
Reduces the appearance of fine lines
Protects against age-accelerating inflammation
Increases resiliency and overall skin health

What You’ll See :

Hydrated, dewy skin and firmer structure, reduced laxity, overall lift, and improved elasticity. Reduction of redness in rosacea or acne-scarred skin.

What You’ll Feel

Bouncier, more supple, and elastic tone.

What You Should Know

Daily use improves overall skin health and reduces signs of redness in rosacea or acne-scarred skin.


Use following cleansing and toning steps when skin is primed for optimum product penetration.

Frequency: Once or twice daily - AM and/or PM

Method: Use fingertips to apply evenly over cleansed and toned skin. Allow to dry before applying additional products or makeup.

Pro tips:

Don’t forget the neck and décolleté when applying.

For treating Rosacea, use in conjunction with Vivant’s Cleansing Milk or Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser and Skin Nourishing Toner.

Hyaluronic Acid: Promotes increased hydration and plumping effect.

Neuropeptides: Biomimetic peptides that replicate a protein involved in muscle contractions to create an anti-wrinkle effect.

FF3 Signal Peptide Blend: Aids in repair of the extra-cellular matrix damaged by age and sun exposure. Helps support the building blocks of healthy skin.

Niacinamide: A form of vitamin B with firming, pigment-suppressing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

DMAE: An organic antioxidant compound that helps reduce facial lines and improve the appearance of collagen breakdown.

Whole Leaf Aloe Extract: Hydrating, anti-inflammatory compound with potent healing and brightening effects.