Silver Moist Moisturizing Cream

Silver is a unique, signature ingredient in ReveSkin SilverMoist Post Treatment and Acne Purifying line. Micronized silver is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that contributes significantly to the improvement of irritations and inflammatory processes on the skin. It helps maintain a healthy skin flora and boosts the skin’s natural defenses.

Micronized Pure Silver Particles

  • Regulates the population of harmful germs and microorganisms on the skin’s surface. Kills and prevents bacteria growth.
  • Helps effectively treat acne with high tolerance when combined with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Calms hypersensitive, irritated and inflamed skin

How does Micronized Silver Work?
The vast majority of skin problems result from harmful external bacteria. The silver particles physically cling very well to skin and provide a depot of pure silver that continuously generates silver ions to regulate the population of harmful germs, resulting in long-lasting anti-microbial action to strengthen skin’s natural healing process.

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<li>Intensively replenishes moisture under extremely dry conditions.</li>
<li>Helps soothe sensitive, irritated, and inflamed skin.</li>
<li>Helps promote the skin’s natural healing process.</li>
<li>Helps reduce the symptoms of rosacea.</li>


Synergistic complex found in grapefruit, orange and tomato skin
A complete reduction of pre-inflammatory factors for an instant soothing
Willow Bark Extract

Helps provide relief from breakouts effectively and safely
Calms inflammation while it cleans and purifies
Microorganism Ferment Extracts

A molecular film that helps increase the effectiveness of the skin’s barrier and epidermal moisture
Clinically proven to increase hydration by 11% in 12 hours and by 32% in 20 days
Dimethyl Isosorbide Delivery Vehicle

Sustainable naturally derived from renewable corn sugar
Increases skin retention time by preventing crystallization of Benzoyl Peroxide during evaporation and reduces skin irritation effects