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As Water Reflects The Face, So Does One's Life Reflects The Heart.

According to research, the health benefits of water include enriching the skin, keeping it moisturized, strong, and resilient to anything that might want to get in. The best time to apply a moisturizer is after a toner right after the shower when the skin is damp.

Our skin is our largest organ encompassing all other organs of our body. We are constantly exposed to free radicals from the environment, pollution, radiation, and more. Our skin loses its elasticity and we age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time.

Studies have shown water is absolutely essential for the normal functioning of the skin and

especially its outer layer, the stratum corneum. Not enough water can cause dry, flaky skin, among other health issues, but too much water doesn't necessarily make for better skin.

Through water we are able to detox and reduce inflammation, that further accelerates our bodies natural functions of purification. This encourages skin regeneration and rejuvenation over time. According to research, a good general recommendation for significant health benefits is to drink half your body weight in ounces. Drink up my friends..

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