At Amare Aesthetics, we understand the importance of comfort and ease when exploring new cosmetic aesthetic treatments. To ensure a seamless introduction, we provide online consultations for all services except scar revision.

These consultations are the cornerstone of our practice, where we establish a rapport and collaboratively evaluate your skin's health, holistic influences, and develop an integrative treatment plan. Patient well-being and safety are our top priorities, and the consultation process is designed to facilitate an in-depth conversation about your aspirations, financial considerations, and treatment suitability.

Consultation Process:

To initiate your personalized journey, please provide your contact information, areas of interest, specific concerns, and attach requested photos in the space below. Poor quality or omitted information will not be responded to. Our medical experts will meticulously examine your photos (and may request additional information), to craft a customized medical response. This will include recommendations for appropriate treatments, detailed procedure information, dosing, costs, and illustrative before and after examples from similar cases.

Please note: If you have not received a response within one week, we recommend checking your junk/spam email folders.

Our intention is to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of our corrective care capabilities, enabling you to make an informed preliminary decision about your treatment. Following our secured treatment plan, the subsequent step is to schedule an in-office treatment appointment. All medical procedures necessitate a prior examination by our nurse practitioner. We ask you to complete and return all intake forms emailed to you before this appointment.

Rest assured, any photographs sent to us are treated with the utmost confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA regulations and are exclusively accessed by our medical staff. Additionally, any treatment photos we share have been authorized for use by our clients through signed consent forms post-procedure.

For those preferring an in-person consultation for further advice and detailed information, please indicate your interest using the contact form below. Please be aware that fees apply for both new and returning in-person consultations, and scar revision assessments require an in-person visit.