Bookings are all self-serviced and can be made here through the RESERVE link menu or

Yes, for all aesthetic treatments. All consultations are complementary.

Our main concern is the well-being of our patients and safety; therefore, we require consultations to allow for a thorough discussion with regard to your needs and suitability for treatment. Being made fully aware of our excellence in corrective integrative care, professional skillset, benefits, effects, side effects, risks, and possible cost of any treatment, allows you to make an informed decision with regard to your treatment and care plan.

All medical procedures, require a medical examination with our nurse practitioner prior to any medical intervention. Please complete all emailed intake forms prior to your appointment, so we can set up an exam on your behalf.

The Corrective Skin Health Prep treatment is a discovery treatment done, after your initial consultation.

During this time, it is our foundation in developing a relationship together in analyzing the health of your skin, integrative components, and treatment plan. An integrative approach is provided for each individual need to better service you as a whole.

Due to high call volume, no. All bookings are self service on a first come basis:

We do accept texts or emails!

Rebookings can be made through your portal and/or in office after treatments.

Deposits are required for all first time patients in the amount of $200. This is a one-time, non-refundable commitment, which can be applied to same-day only treatments and/or products.

With the exception of laser services, a credit will be applied on the account for use. In the event you are not a candidate for any service. A full refund can be made.

We highly suggest reserving a consultation! A verbal concern will never provide a full picture and equate to us providing a proper solution.

We need to visually assess the skin (in person or virtual), review your medical history, acclimate to your skin's biochemistry, manage your expectations, lifestyle habits and budget.

A consultation is valid for 14 days.

We highly suggest reserving your next appointment upon completion of every appointment, as appointments can fill 1-2 months in advance. However, we understand this is not always feasible.

Booking reminders can also be sent after your appointments. As a rule of thumb book according to your personalized treatment plan OR the last treatment you had... if it aligns with your goals.

Either way, your treatment provider will always decide what's appropriate during treatment, based on your skin needs and downtime.

Consultations include a “mini treatment”

We are more than happy to provide a facial for you, if time allows after your consultation.

Please login to our self service booking portal and appointment adjustments can be made there. Please note the 48-hr cancellation policy here.

Last minute requests or cancellations? A wait list is available and accepted in the order received!

Please NO social media dms.

A consultation!

If you are a current or previous client, please send an email (no DMs or texts) with:

Your First and Last Name

Current Routine AM/PM

Pictures (Front, both sides) in natural lighting

And Concerns

Please be advised, consultations are valid for 14 days. If time has lapsed (at our discretion) in treatments, product orders and/or discussions, please reserve a consultation or try concierge.

New? Please reserve a consultation or try concierge. Medical advice can not be given via the internet, ethically or legally without proper adherence.

Our clinic is by appointment only and under no circumstances do we take walk-ins. When booking online, we require all new prospective clients to complete their treatment booking and new client forms prior to their appointment.

Please note our cancellation policy here.

As we have gained experience, missed appointments add up to a significant loss of several factors. 

The first involves the recognition that the people who choose to work with us are ultimately paying for our time. In general, individuals coming in for clinical treatments tend to come to weekly or, sometimes, bi-weekly sessions. Each session is especially reserved for them. If somebody cancels with enough notice, we can schedule those on the waitlist, tend to shipping needs, or peacefully return emails and other client affairs. 

On the other hand, if someone doesn’t allow enough notice, doesn’t show up at all or communicates a cancellation after the start of the session time, it doesn’t leave us the freedom to be truly productive with the time. 

We understand life happens—sickness, work, family, financial obligations or what have you. Most people respect the policy after a gentle reminder and tend not to have frequent last-minute conflicts or cancellations arise. However, we found that routinely not honoring our policies sets a precedent which some people end up taking advantage of, or a trend where the people who cancel late or no-show tend to be chronic offenders.

We find it a fair policy to implement, as an important part of the broader scope of a therapeutic relationship. People seek therapeutic and clinical treatments to improve their overall quality of life/well-being, and those who frequently cancel or fail to show up for appointments often demonstrate issues with commitment, accountability, and responsibility in other areas of their lives. We ultimately realized we are doing these people a disservice if we enable them in avoiding responsibility, and failing to help them develop an understanding that the real world has consequences to various choices and actions.

Instead, we want to model healthy and clear boundaries that empower people to be responsible in their lives and assertive in their ability to communicate regarding their circumstances. Amare Aesthetics is about helping people to develop a sense of awareness about themselves, developing a healthy lifestyle and relationship with self, and how every action has an impact.

Amare Aesthetic treatments tend to be most helpful to people who view their appointments as an important and valuable component of their lives. And for most people, money equals value. When people are willing to make treatments a priority and accept the financial commitment involved, they tend to experience greater and quicker progress, with positive change.

Discussion regarding money can be an uncomfortable topic, especially in a therapeutic relationship where connection, support, and compassion are paramount. The collection of money for services—rendered or not—sometimes feels contradictory to the nature of the work, and it is often difficult to navigate the line between the professional and truly caring ends of the relationship. But the handling of and attitude toward these finer details of a business, are important to the process and worth consideration for all involved. Being confident in and mindful of boundaries and policies, paired with the ability to approach uncomfortable topics, is often where true trust, authenticity, and community connection develops—and these are the components that make Amare Aesthetic services truly helpful.

We respectfully ask you let us know if you will be late to your appointment. Please keep in mind, this will cut into your alloted appointment time and your treatment will stop at the original reserved time frame.

Tardiness over 10 minutes, we will require you to reschedule, as we cannot guarantee full care. You will also be responsible for full payment..

Repeated tardiness, we have the right to charge you the full treatment cost, require a deposit or refuse service. Clients who no show without notice, will not be allowed to reserve future appointments.

Please do not reserve longer treatments, to accomodate your scheduling. Cancellation/late fees will apply.



For product orders, choose the product of your choice here and click the pickup option. Once the item is ready, we will email you to set up a day and time.

If it is a specialty item exclusively sold in-store, please send an email to with your:

- first and last name

- product requests

We will process your request within 1-3 Business days in the order received.

We offer a returns and refunds on items purchased on our website for the following three reasons only. **Please note: samples, shipping charges, and promotional items are NOT eligible for return.

If there has been a mistake on our part and we sent the incorrect product, or if the product was damaged during shipping, we will be happy to send you a complimentary pre-paid return shipping label as well as a replacement product. All products that are returned to us must be unopened and sent back in their original packaging.

If you placed an order and wanted to cancel, you must do so immediately before the order is shipped. If the order ships, refund will no longer be possible. The refunded amount will not include credit card processing fees.

If you experience an adverse reaction, we will refund you if you return the product (Only if the order was shipped to an address in the United States). The product must have 75% remaining. Please email: First and Last name, order number, and uploaded pictures (current date stamp of reaction required & no screenshots)

Additional Information: please read carefully.

We will not be able to issue returns or refunds for international orders for adverse reactions.

Store credit and/or even exchanges are not subject to shipping or handling charges.

In order to be eligible for a refund or replacement, the original packing slip showing the order number from must be included in the return package.

Coupon codes must be applied at checkout. Partial or full refunds will not be applicable if you forget to apply the code.

To qualify for a special, you must place an order during the active dates. Returns or partial refunds will not be granted retroactively for orders placed before the special was active.

In certain instances, we will ship out a replacement product or an exchange prior to receiving the original product back to our warehouse and will include a prepaid shipping label with the replacement. All original items are expected to be returned to our warehouse within 10 days of receiving the return label.

Orders placed with the shipping address in an International location (outside the United States) are not guaranteed to arrive because of differences in each individual country’s import rules and customs regulations. Because of this, we have a strict no-refund policy for any International orders.

We always have consultations available in person or virtual! We also offer a Shopping Concierge service! Sometimes all you need is someone to quickly (24-48hrs) refine a routine for you. For more information, please visit here


This refers to a 2-12 week period of mandatory product usage, prior to a particular treatment. A well-planned and executed routine will enhance any treatment outcome. The two major goals are thinning of the stratum corneum (top layer of dead skin) and reducing risks like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

This is vital in training your cells and inflammatory processes to be less reactive, sedated, calm and better respond to treatment.

It also shows us your level of commitment, compliance, understanding, and tolerance with your treatment plan. (i.e. lifestyle, sunblock, only using prescribed products).

Pricing can be found on the booking page, and some treatments vary:

Prices shown are list prices and are subject to change without notice.

Yes and no. Treatments are a two way relationship and we reserve the right to decline service. Whether it be for noncompliance, beyond our scope of practice or poor behavior.

In order to provide the safest and most effective outcome, we require acne, pigmentation and scar revision clients to agree to:

- Depending on your treatment plan, staying compliant to ONLY the prescribed protocol and products. We can not guarantee results but we can guarantee change. You will NOT use any other products that have not been approved by my skincare professional while I am on your customized treatment plan only if you do not venture from the treatment plan.

-Making the appropriate home care adjustments every 2-12 weeks

- Understanding the healing process of the skin, the normal reactive/healings stage that may include but not limited to (peeling, burning, itching, redness, flaking). Each time we strengthen your home care, we run the risk of drying and/or irritating your skin. Please always communicate extreme cases and any further concerns.

-You will not change the routine given to you without notifying or consulting

-You will not wait till you run out of product while working with us. When you stop using products (or run out), depending on your condition, can start to regress results. Acne can begin to form inside the pores, which will be prevalent within 30 days. Or new pigmentation may surface (melasma, PIH etc)

-You will not have other skin care treatments while being treated at Amare Aesthetics, unless discussed.

-You will inform us of any medications/drugs that you start taking while working with Amare Aesthetics.

- You will use sunscreen every morning, regardless of whether or not you will be going outside. The sunscreen will help to keep your skin nourished and protected.

-You will not tan, get sunburned, wind burned or pick the skin while being treated (You will not be able to use your active products; and we will not be able to do treatments on you.)

-You will inform your skincare professional if you elect to do any laser treatments or waxing for hair removal

-(For women) You will inform us if you get pregnant.

-If we are unable to improve the condition of your skin due to factors beyond our control, but within yours, we reserve the right to decline treatments. (That is, if you are not following our instructions pertaining to home care, treatment plan, lifestyle issues, etc.)


The skin is clean without lotion, oil, makeup, powder, perfume or sunscreen. Inform provider of any relevant changes in your medical history and of all medications you are taking. Notify provider of any cosmetic tattoos to areas being treated.Topical Lidocaine will be applied in office for 30-45 min prior to treatment. If combined with Plasma, your blood will be drawn in office while you are numbing.

After the treatment your skin will be red and flushed similar to a moderate sunburn. The redness should be greatly reduced within 24-48 hours. During the healing process you may experience swelling, burning, itching, bruising, soreness, skin tightness, flakiness, sensitivity and dryness. It may take up to 5-7 days for the skin to heal depending on the extensiveness of your treatment. USE ONLY THE PRODUCTS WE PRESCRIBE FOR THE FIRST FOUR DAYS.

Make sure to wash your face with cool water and the cleanser that we provide, and gently pat your skin dry. Mineral based sunscreen with SPF of 30 should be applied and reapplied every 60 -90 minutes while outdoors.

Day 1

It is normal and expected for your skin to feel red, sun-burnt, tight, dry, swollen and sensitive to the touch. You may also experience some stinging. Drink plenty of water, avoid make-up and use only the products in your post-treatment kit. You may reapply the kit moisturizer repeatedly throughout the day. Stay away from exfoliants or acids that are present in cleansers as these can make your skin very dry after the procedure. Use Tylenol for pain but avoid anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin and Ibuprofen as these may decrease the wanted effects of the procedure.

If you had plasma applied, do not wash off the plasma solution until the morning after your treatment.

You will want to avoid strenuous exercises that cause sweating, jacuzzi, sauna or steam baths for 24 hours due to open pores, or up to 48 hours if inflammation exists.

Day 2

May feel the same as you did on Day 1. Skin feels dry, tight and red. Use your post-treatment care kit as instructed. Do not use any of your own products. Mineral based makeup is okay to start using

Day 3

You will still appear pink and notice that the swelling is beginning to decrease. Peeling may start 3-5 days after treatment. You will notice skin dryness and flaking. This is due to an increased turnover of skin cells. Do not pick, scratch or scrub at treated skin. Allow old skin to flake off naturally and keep moisturized AT ALL TIMES with post care products, for extra dry skin every 2 hours if needed. Continue with post-treatment care kit.

Day 4-5

Minimal swelling, minimal bruising, may have some flaking. Do not pick at the skin that is starting to flake off and do not use any exfoliaters. Continue to use sunscreen. You may resume exercise.

Day 5+

Starting to look great! Resume regular products for skin, including vitamin A products. Continue to avoid sun exposure. There may be areas that are darker that flake off after a week

Day 1-28

Avoid direct sun exposure. Use a minimum of SPF 30 outdoors or in the car and remember to reapply every 1- 11⁄2 hours while outdoors.

Immediately After Treatment

The area treated will feel “hot” after the procedure (24-48 hours). Cold compresses can be applied to reduce this type of discomfort. This sensation is expected to be the worst during the first hour following treatment. Keeping your post care kit creams on the skin will help soothe and is very important!

Redness is normal and expected. It generally increases in intensity the first few days after treatment with day 3 being most intense. It can last for up to 7 days depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment.

Pinpoint bleeding (tiny spots of blood on the skin) may occur. This can last for a few hours and up to 12 hours depending on the treatment depth. You may only have bleeding in certain treated areas. If this occurs, wipe areas with damp gauze/soft cloth.


The first morning after treatment is when swelling may be more prevalent, especially under the eyes. Swelling may last 2 days depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment.

The treated area may be extremely warm for 12-24 hours after the treatment. Using cold compresses or ice packs may provide comfort during this time.

DAY 2-3

You will increasingly notice a bronzed or "burned" appearance to the treated skin. This is called the MENDS (Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris). MENDS are microscopic wounds from the treatment. They contain large amounts of the skin darkening pigment melanin.

Do not try to peel or scratch them off. This is part of the healing process where treated tissue is working its way out of your body as new fresh skin is regenerated. This could result in scarring, pigmentation complications and infection! Gently washing the skin more frequently will help to promote the peeling process.

During this time, your skin will be very dry and have a sandpaper texture and will begin to flake and peel. If the face is treated, it could take 5-7 days for the peeling process to be completed. If the neck, chest or anywhere on the body was treated, this process could take up to 2 weeks.

After the peeling process is complete, your skin will have a rosy, pink glow that will gradually go away. Your clinician will advise you when you can use makeup and which kind.

If an antiviral was prescribed for you, continue to take as directed.

If you have discomfort after treatment you may take over the counter oral pain relievers such as Extra Strength Tylenol.

You may experience itching during the healing phase. This is completely normal. Taking Benadryl (diphenhydramine) by mouth may help itching but can cause drowsiness. Do not scratch the treated area because scarring and pigmentation complications can occur.

You may have pin point blood pooling under the skin. This will look like tiny red dots. This can last for 1-3 weeks after treatment.

You may have acne breakouts up to 3 weeks after treatment.

When showering in the next few days, avoid getting shampoo directly on the treated area. Take your shower with the back of your head to the water to avoid directly hitting your face with the full force stream of the water.

Apply moisturizer generously over the treated area and reapply whenever your skin feels dry. For severe dryness, add a small amount of Vaseline or Aquaphor on top of your moisturizer or mix it in with it.

You must commit to using sunscreen daily beginning the day of treatment and for up to 3 months after the procedure. Use recommended sunscreen with broadband protection (UVA and UVB) and a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30.

-Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before sun exposure.
-Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.
-If direct sun exposure is necessary, wear a hat and clothing that covers

the treated area. If the treated area is exposed to sun (direct or indirect) blistering, scarring, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation could occur.

Avoid sun exposure for 2 months after treatment.

Typically, after the peeling process is complete, you can wear makeup.

Avoid strenuous exercise and sweating until after skin has healed.


Please send an email to

Due to high call volume, please TEXT 424.781.8129. You can also send an email to or leave a voicemail when calling. No Dms.

Include your First and Last name