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dark spots, trust the leader

Its unique and innovative formula safely and efficiently removes existing spots and prevents

specialists in depigmentation 

mesoestetic® depigmentation expert. More than 30 years of research in this field and the experience of thousands of patients around the world

innovation endorsed by two patents

Science & knowledge of the use of new technologies in the development has led the brand to submitting two new patents that endorse the uniqueness of dermamelan®.

excellent clinical results

Tested on all types of spots, dermamelan® has shown high efficacy and safety in all types of skin spots.

high satisfaction from the patient

A progressive treatment that provides visible results from the first weeks and maintains the skin's uniformity and quality in the long term.

What is the dermamelan® method and how does it work?

dermamelan® is the medical depigmenting method that efficiently and progressively eliminates spots by acting on the accumulation of pigment in the skin and on the root of the problem, providing a comprehensive and long-lasting outcome. 

The treatment consists in a first session in consultation and a home treatment that lasts 4 months.

in consultation phase. Following a proper diagnosis, the treatment begins with a first session in the medical consultation. The professional applies two masks with an intensive depigmenting action.

at home phase. Continue the treatment following a home guideline. It consists in applying complementary cosmetic products for 4 months with a continuous depigmenting action and long-term regulation of pigment overproduction.

melasma specialist, mesoestetic cosmelan, cosmelan peel, cosmelan 2, dermamelan, cosmelan peel near me, cosmelan 1, cosmelan treatment, mesoestetic, cosmelan, dermamelan treatment, mesoestetic, cosmelan 2, cosmelan before and after, pigmentation specialist

dermamelan® patented formulas

Thanks to mesoestetic's knowledge and the latest scientific research and by applying new technologies in its development, they have been able to produce a product with a high innovative component at the forefront of depigmentation.

With two patents that endorse its innovation & vehiculisation systems for maximum efficiency of the active ingredients

[SYN] pigmentarget®

By applying artificial intelligence and big data, we have been able to develop an exclusive complex with 3 active ingredients that have been selected and formulated in optimal concentrations with the aim of providing an efficient response against hyperpigmentation.


Own molecular design. Its molecular and conformational structure offers high safety and specificity in regulating melanogenesis.


They selectively carry and release the ingredients to favour interaction with the treatment's target.


Enhances skin permeability by creating microcanals that absorb the ingredients.

dermamelan® action mechanism

dermamelan® has been formulated to act on the main key targets within the skin hyperpigmentation process:

  • Intensive corrective action: It intensely acts on accumulated melanin by activating cell renewal and improving the barrier function.
  • Dual regulating action: it acts by reversing the cellular processes responsible for hyperpigmentation in a synergistic and complementary way, controlling the overstimulation of melanin synthesis in the long term.
  • Intracellular regulating action: 
    It controls pigmentation mechanisms in the melanocyte.
  • Intercellular regulating action: 
    It acts by regulating the main components associated with melasma: Vascular component, inflammatory component and hormonal component. It also acts by protecting the skin's structural proteins, thus improving its quality, hydration and firmness.
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phases of the treatment


phase 1: intense depigmentation

In this phase, the melanin deposits are removed and the renewal of the first layers of the skin is stimulated, improving its appearance and reducing the spot's intensity. 

application guideline:

The medical professional applies the dermamelan  treatment with an intensive depigmenting action for 4 hrs.


phase 2: continuous depigmentation

48-72 hours after removing the mask, it is necessary to complete the corrective action of the method and to regulate the overproduction of melanin. 

application guideline: 

We start with the daily application of dermamelan, together with melan recovery and melan 130 pigment control

Apply dermamelan two times a day (morning and night) followed by melan recoveryand melan 130 pigment control during daytime applications. This may vary per individual.


phase 3: regulating hyperpigmentation

In this phase we continue working on the root of the problem: the overproduction of melanin in a localised way. It should be regulated to avoid the hyperpigmentation's reappearance and unify the skin tone. 

application guideline: 

Apply dermamelan morning and night followed by melan recovery and melan 130 pigment control during the day. In case of sun exposure, reapply UV protection every two hours. For 4 months


phase 4: controlling reappearance 

During this phase, the treatment prevents the reappearance of the treated spots and the formation of new ones, for a longer-lasting result, as the tendency to develop spots represents an ongoing risk. 

mesoestetic® home care

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FAQs dermamelan®

Suitability of the use of dermamelan® for you can be discussed with your chosen medical specialist during your consultation.

at the clinic

A single salon session where the aesthetic professional applies the mask with an intensive depigmenting action.

at home

The treatment continues at home. Under the aesthetic professional's indications and recommendations, the patient must adhere to a regimen for the application of the cosmeceuticals complementary to the method, which will vary according to the phase and progress of the treatment.

The depigmentation process continues and we work on the source of the problem for a lasting result.

It is a process in which the skin is completely renewed gradually and on a controlled basis. During the initial phase and after treatment at the clinic, the skin appears reddened and you can feel warmth, but these are mild, expected reactions that will disappear after 24-48 hours. During the home phase, it is normal to experience a slight flaking and sometimes some sensitivity can be felt. These effects disappear with the application of the home products recommended by your specialist.

dermamelan® is a non-invasive topical treatment and does not prevent you following a normal life. It is however vitally important that the daily homecare regime is maintained and sun exposure Will need to be avoided as far as possible.

Spots will be very significantly reduced following the treatment however where there has been a spot there will always be a trend for reappearance. It is essential to follow your homecare routine and to constantly use specific photoprotection that prevents repigmentation. Your skin specialist will be able to advise you on the best products for you.

To obtain the best possible result, the best time is after the summer season, to avoid direct, intense sun radiation during the treatment. In some areas where radiation is unavoidable, it is recommended to avoid direct exposure, the use of a hat and adequate specific photoprotection.

Other treatments such as laser or peel have a corrective action on the spots, by removing the pigment accumulated in the skin, but their reappearance cannot be avoided. dermamelan® has a dual corrective, but also regulating action to treat the origin of the problem and maintain pigment overproduction under control to prevent recurrence.

The most significant change takes place a few weeks after applying the mask in cabin, it improves skin texture and spots decrease noticeably. This can give a misleading feeling of success. During this period melanin has been removed from the outermost skin layers, and therefore we see the spot much more faded and the skin smoother and softer, but the origin of the problem has not been controlled yet. The melanocyte, a cell where melanin is produced, is still uncontrolled and continues to produce pigment (melanin) in excess. To re-educate the melanocyte and control this overproduction, it is important to continue a home treatment with regulating action, so that the cell returns to a normal active state and therefore prevent spots from reappearing.

If you do not follow the home regimen, you are interrupting the treatment and will therefore not obtain the expected results. Not applying dermamelan depigmenting cream with regulating action involves not regulating the melanocyte and, therefore, a persistent uncontrolled, excessive production of melanin. The spot will reappear as the skin layers are renewed, as melanin migrates to the surface making the spot increasingly evident.

Not using photoprotection, melan 130 pigment control, involves a very high risk that the spot returns, as skin is more sensitive and receptive to external aggressions during the treatment.

During at least the first three months of the method, it is not recommended to use any other type of minimally invasive treatment that can cause a skin lesion, as well as peels, microneedling, exfoliations, etc., as it can even cause repigmentation. It is advisable to use soothing and regenerating treatments both in clinic and at home in case it is needed.

In the last months where we reduce the application guidelines of cosmelan 2 only to the night, we can combine it with treatments that help prolong the results, such as melan tran3x concentrate and melan tran3x gel-cream.

As it is not an invasive treatment, it does not make you unable to fulfil your activities of daily living normally. Caution must be exerted when fulfilling some type of activities during the first days, a skin adaptation period after the cabin treatment. For instance, it is advisable to avoid bathing in swimming pools, prolonged sun exposure and activities that involve excessive sweating.

If used correctly and under the supervision of a professional, there should be no side effects. dermamelan® is a topical treatment and, therefore, minimally invasive; it does not prevent you from following your normal daily life. During the initial phase and following the treatment in consultation, the skin may become irritated or show redness. This is totally normal and expected, and it will disappear within a few days. During the home phase, it is common to experience slight peeling and sensitivity, which are symptoms that disappear when applying the home products recommended by the specialist.

The most significant change occurs within a few weeks from applying the mask in consultation. We will see an improvement in the skin texture and a reduction of the spot's colour. This is because, during that period, melanin is removed from the outer layers of the skin. However, we must continue with the treatment for the full 4 months, since removing the accumulated melanin is not enough; we need to regulate its overproduction.

After an adequate professional treatment, excess pigmentation can be removed visibly. However, it is a dynamic process, where the imbalance forming them can cause their recurrence. Therefore, even if the spots are not seen, it is essential to apply a daily regulatory depigmentation treatment and photoprotection throughout the year to prevent repigmentation.

In case you are under the effect of any of the triggering factors for the appearance of spots (contraceptives, pregnancy, summer season, post-depilation, post-acne, post-peel, under photosensitising treatment, etc.), a daily treatment routine is essential, combining a depigmentation treatment, such as melan tran3x, with a high photoprotector such as melan 130 pigment control.

dermamelan® is a depigmentation treatment; therefore, it is not indicated to treat active acne. If you would like to treat acne in its different phases of acneic and seborrhoeic skin, we recommend the acnelan medical treatment (active link to acnelan's consumer page). However, acne has an inflammatory component that can lead to the appearance of skin spots, known as PIH (Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). cosmelan® is effective on this type of spots caused by acne, in all skin types and phototypes.

The new dermamelan® formula is an unprecedented formula with two exclusive patents developed by mesoestetic® to achieve maximum efficacy in correcting and regulating hyperpigmentation. They allow for a highly effective and comprehensive action when treating the most resistant spots:

(Syn)pigmentarget: a complex with 3 active ingredients that synergistically act on inhibiting the process of regulating pigment synthesis. 

Melaphennone: it acts directly by reducing the overproduction of pigment in the melanocyte (cell responsible for melanin synthesis).

Both are depigmentation treatments that produce excellent results, but cosmelan® is an aesthetic treatment, whereas dermamelan® is a treatment that requires medical supervision and monitoring.

The new dermamelan® is a new generation treatment that, thanks to the development of an unedited formula, has two patents that allow for a more comprehensive and effective action when treating the most severe and resistant spots.

This innovation has led to a more efficient and convenient protocol with results after 4 months of treatment.