Friday November 24th

Take your career to the next level with exclusive intimate training and support! This is for moderate to experience skin specialists. (beginners will be considered on a case by case only)

​• Identification of dermatologic conditions
• Personalized aesthetic dermatology & procedures

• Modality & combination therapy
• Patient relationships & guidance
• Recognizing & managing patient complications
• Consultation Success • Solo or practice management
• Business building (legal, branding, finance) • Product knowledge & supplier/vendor relationships.

Disparities and inequities pervade every area of health, and dermatology is no exception. In fact, insufficient visual representation of conditions that affect darker skin, coupled with many other inequities in healthcare, has led to particularly stark disparities in health outcomes for People of Color.

This training is meant to provide all those out there who want to create an equitable experience and tangible improvements for all of their clients.

Financing (affirm, klarna, afterpay, sazzle, paypalcredit) available upon application approval.

Training opportunities are available on a case-by-case basis, application submittal does not equate to approval.