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"Mastering the art of your energy gives one a great power, and like any power, it's to be wielded with responsibility; one who wields the art of energy or seduction without a sense of responsibility and restraint is a walking proximity bomb of viral epidemics, needless procreation, heartbroken families, and shattered dreams.”

When it comes to our relationships and interactions with people, often time the saying goes "master your energy or your energy is the first thing people feel when you walk into a room" What does that even me?

The first thing people feel when you walk into a room? (let me tell you...not my problem)

Is it being concerned with how people perceive you?

Being hypervigilant of your emotions on the inside?

Or even absorbing the negative energy from people around you that is so offensive to their unconscious part of the mind, thats rooted in various defense mechanisms, hence, being projected onto you? Deep huh..let me explain.

The psychology of projection can be defined as unconsciously assuming that others share the same or similar thoughts, beliefs, values, or positions on any given subject. According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, it is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one "projects" one's own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings—basically parts of oneself—onto someone else (usually another person).

It is a common process.There are various types of projection, for example:

Depending on which theorist perspective you want to look at, these are ways your ego maintains the illusion that it is completely in control and valid. Feeding the wolf. This can inhibit your ability to access truthful memories, INTENTIONS, and experiences, even about your own nature, as is common in deeper trauma.

As children, from a behaviourist perspective, in order to deal with negative outer reactions, unfulfilled needs, or inner disappointments, we had to modify our tactics. Some of us rebelled and threw tantrums to get what we wanted, others learned to perfect the art of projecting helplessness and cuteness, but for the rest of us we had no other choice but to learn that it was safer to do the opposite of ‘getting attention’, which is ‘becoming invisible’ (withdrawing our energy). Both coping mechanisms set us up for disconnecting with ourselves and equally use energetic projection as means to manipulate how others see us. (I often struggled with this during my younger years due to my perception of being inadequate.) Through reflection on your personal preference in your childhood, you can clearly see how most of your reactionary mechanisms and unconscious behavior patterns are directly linked to how ‘well’ your energetic manipulation worked: Pleasing, withdrawing, shutting down, overpowering, resisting (passively or aggressively), pretending, push-pulling, etc. All projecting techniques that are deeply engrained and hard-wired with our energy system from childhood - and whether we are aware of them or not, still often play out in our personal energy management in our adult life.

By projecting, we avoid having to consciously identify our emotions, take ownership of them, and deal with them. It is something we all do to some degree, and it has some psychological value, but it also has its drawbacks. Especially when it comes to it's delivery. Whether silent or vocal, microaggression can occur. #gaslighting How can you look inward to be more in tune with ourselves and handle microaggression interactions?

Have you ever heard that? Or even made that statement? Energetic Projection.

In general, Energetic Projection is the act of (consciously or unconsciously) directing energy towards another person, place, time, space or the outside world. It’s an ability we all have, and something we all do in our daily lives – some in a more powerful way than others. The bottom line is that we all project as explained above.

When we fail to address underlying feelings themselves, we continue to deny the existence of these feelings, and it becomes a source of inner and external conflict. It gives us a false impression and false expectations of other people. We fail to see all the good in people, because we are too busy examining their flaws.

Projection can be a conscious thing, but much of the time, it takes place below the surface as a function of the unconscious. These ramifications can put you in a scenario where you are comfronted by your emotions, and either receive or project microaggression. Before you can begin to tackle the underlying issues, you must first recognize when and how you might be projecting onto others. While bringing your own awareness to the situation might help uncover some instances, it is not always easy to identify those feelings that you’ve buried the deepest.

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