55 mins

A deeply hydrating treatment that decongests impurities, calms the skin of inflammation and redness, restores the health of the skin, and promotes optimal hydration by utilizing antioxidants, peptides, and humectants to draw water in and plump. 

The following can be added to take your treatments to the next level for pre-op, events, or simply extra care:  

Glass Glow Essentials:

A supple, ultra-rich restorative treatment to trade in your dull look for an even toned liquid glass complexion!

Mesolift Trifecta:

Take our signature Mesolift treatment to the next level by restoring a tight, wrinkle free, poreless complexion.

Resurfacing Peels

Pigmentation, Acne, Texture, Restorative, and more.

We offer pharmaceutical-grade peels that are customized to each client's individual needs.

* With any treatment results may vary depending on severity and medical history, however results are guaranteed by following the practitioners treatment plan.

DermaClear - Pigmentation, Refining and Acne Clearing 

Our famous Pigmentation and Resurfacing treatment, is an exclusively customized 2-6 month plan to minimize and refine common disorders such as melasma, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, quickly sedates acne, inflammation, acne scarring, and other signs of hyperpigmentation. 

Mesoestetic Cosmelan, Mesoestetic Dermamelan, Reveskin Enlighten™ Rx Peel, Innoaesthetic, and more.

Diamond Glow®

30/55 mins

DiamondGlow® is more than a facial. Unlike traditional wet facial treatments, which rely on chemical exfoliation to treat skin at surface level, DiamondGlow’s®patented recessed diamond tip wand delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment that deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin.

A Diamond Glow facial is one of the newest treatments for addressing a variety of skin concerns. It exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin with hydrodermabrasion (serum infusion) technology to remove dead and damaged skin cells affected by sun damage and other concerns. This process reveals a healthy layer of skin cells underneath, resulting in a healthy glow and a reduction in concerns like dullness, dryness, pigmentation, and acne.

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Lip Restoration

Revitalize your lips with a remarkably hydrating and plumping treatment.

Ideal for significant events or for achieving a subtle, more luscious pout, the HydraFacial PERK treatment effects can last up to 30 days. 


Removes impurities while simultaneously delivering vital antioxidants to your lips. 

Loosens and removes stagnant skin cells

Gently cleanses and hydrates

Enhances natural lip volume by lightly plumpingInfuses the lips with antioxidants and nutrients

This treatment is ideal for improving your lips’ condition while also improving the natural color of the lip tissue. Your included homecare solution contains hyaluronic acid, which provides exceptional hydration, resulting in a plumping effect on the lips. This is not is not a substitute for lip filler; however, it’s perfectly safe to use the treatment alongside lip fillers. In fact, Lip Restoration treatments can even enhance the effect of lip fillers. The hyaluronic acid in the PERK serum becomes attracted to the existing hyaluronic acid in the lips, further plumping the lips. For this reason, it is a great complementary treatment alongside lip fillers.

Eye Restoration

This is a convenient, effective programme combining a hydrafacial, peel with a transepidermal solution. Smoothening, hydrating, brightening and tightening eye treatment.

- both exclusive for the periocular area.
- achieving visible and cumulative results after the first session.

Eye contour is a particularly sensitive area that has differentiated anatomical characteristics, which explains why the treatment must be specific.

All these characteristics make that eye contour shows multiple imperfections due to external or internal factors, as well as changes caused by the skin aging process.

Eye Restoration is a professional method to fight globally the multiple blemishes of the eye contour area: wrinkles and expression lines, flaccid upper eyelids, under-eye bags and circles.

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