Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) s 100% natural and free of additives. PRF has no gel separating plug or blood thinning chemicals which are usually found in PRP preparations. 

Additionally, the absence of
anticoagulant allows an all-important fibrin clot to form after injection which allows for a slow release of the growth factors over several days to weeks. 

This biologic scaffold not only gives a sustained volume effect but seems to play a role in the longer-term health of the skin and fat in the injected areas.

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The specificity of the low speed
spin (around 700 rpm for 5 minutes), size and inner surface characteristics of the PRF tubes allows for more important concentrations of white blood cells and growth factors found in PRF versus PRP.


PRF, produced by a slow spin speed, no separating plug and no chemical additives has been shown to contain more growth factors over traditional PRP. The concentrate is typically richer in platelets and white blood cells.

White blood cells are quite variable and typically low in concentration for traditional PRP concentrates despite the evidence for the efficacy of autologous concentrates.

The safety of the gel separator in PRP, in particular, may raise a concern as its composition for most companies remains proprietary. There is also the possible interaction on the efficacy of the supernatant, which is speculated but as of yet unknown.


Injections occur within 10–15 minutes after preparation so the PRF can be injected as a liquid and allowed to clot once activated at the injected tissue site. 

Downtime is minimal with an average of 2.5 days of swelling and almost no bruising. 


Not only does EZPRF contain more platelets per mcL, it also has leukocytes (WBC) & mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)! MSCs bear important regenerative applications; their multipotency allows them to give rise to several tissues including bone, cartilage, adipose, dermis, and other mesodermal tissues.


The fact that the plasma actually clots into fibrin allows for a much slower release of the growth factors and cytokines.

We have more cells, resulting in more GFs, kept alive longer and released for a much longer period of time.

Now lets boost your PRF even more....

EzGel (Plasma Rich Fibrin + Albumin)

The ULTIMATE blood concentrate just got even better!

EZGEL is a 100% autologous and natural gel material, obtained through centrifugation of a whole blood sample to isolate beneficial cells, then subjected to a cooling and heating process, without any chemical addition nor modification, for rejuvenating and volumizing purposes.

By heating up Plasma, particularly Human Serum Albumin (HSA), we're modifying its rheological properties. Temperature variation is the most natural way to create an intermolecular bond, without using any additives such as BDDE for cross linking.

EZGEL is created by combining this heated plasma gel and EZPRF concentrate at a 2:1 ratio.


Shaped very much like a heart, serum albumins are the most abundant proteins in blood, constituting nearly 60% of blood plasma proteins.

This is the star protein in the protocol.



When a protein starts to lose it's biomolecular structure. Denaturation of proteins is a process of transition from the folded to the unfolded state.


Denaturation is reversible under a certain temperature / stress. We prefer "unfolding" and "refolding" up until it's irreversible because it's a very visual term. (see next section)


Forming a cluster of things that have come together.


Self-assembly is a process in which a disordered system of pre-existing components forms an organized structure or pattern.


The protein melting point (TM) is defined as the temperature at which the protein denatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the great things about Plasma treatments is there is very little downtime and the procedure does not take long to complete. The extracted cells give the power to repair damaged cells including miniaturized hair follicles, as found in male & female pattern hair loss. Plasma helps to activate hair growth, increasing the number of follicles, boost new blood/nutrient support, as well making the hair shaft thicker. Plasma also increases the lifespan of hair follicles.

Prior to your treatment, you will discuss your concerns and goals with one of our aesthetic nurses to determine if Plasma injections are right for you.

Once a treatment plan is created, our team will determine how much product is needed and this will dictate how much blood is required. Coming to your visit well hydrated will help ensure an adequate amount of blood cells are collected.

Once the blood has been drawn and then prepared, the area may be numbed to reduce any discomfort. The gel is then injected using a small cannula (a blunt needle) into the areas of concern.

From start to finish your treatment will take less than an hour to complete.

Since we are using your own blood cells for your treatment, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. You may experience some discomfort from the injection, but this will be reduced with numbing prior to treatment.

Bruising and swelling can occur after your treatment but should subside within 24-48 hours. Using ice and avoiding strenuous exercise can help reduce these side effects.

PRF & EzGEL treatments are typically very well tolerated and you can often return to work immediately after your treatment.

We're only using about 1/10th of the volume collected. And because we're spinning at a very low G-Force, the platelet recovery is very close to 100%!

Below, we're explaining why claims of 5x the concentration while using up to 1/2 of the collected volume is mathematically impossible!

There seems to be a debate in the scientific community about the White Blood Cells and their effect on the healing process. You'll get a different conclusion depending on who's financing the study.

We are creating what’s called a controlled inflammatory response and leukocytes are the cells associated with inflammatory response.

Most patients need at least 4-6 Plasma treatments that are done 4 weeks apart. You will always receive a personalize treatment plan to discuss recommendations for you depending on your regenerative goals.

From there maintenance treatments are spaced 3 to 6 months apart. The most recent studies have shown that maintenance sessions are required for all forms of hair loss treatments.

Your cost will vary based on your individual aesthetic goals and the treatment plan your aesthetic provider designs for you. Pricing and reservations found here.

  • PRF is similar to PRP except that PRF naturally contains fibrin for clot scaffolding and localization of mesenchymal stem cells.
  • PRF formation and centrifugation differs from PRP in that there is no anticoagulant and spin times and speeds differ.
  • PRFF has implied use as a natural filler.
  • PRF has had remarked success as a complementary component in surgical and nonsurgicalesthetic treatments.
  • PRF releases platelet-related therapeutic granules for a longer duration and at a slower rate than PRP.

The widespread applications of PRF solidify its place among autologous blood concentrate therapies as both a primary and supplementary medical tool. Further research is expected to uncover additional benefits to be obtained from PRF’s bioavailability, autologous nature, and regenerative properties.

Read Clinical Research Here

There are 3 main methods to deliver Plasma treatments into the scalp.

  1. Injections spaced 1 cm apart to the area of concern & 3-5 cm beyond the boundary.
  2. Microneedling 
  3. Laser assisted drug delivery. 

All three methods have well documented studies behind them, however we most commonly use injections assistance.