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Do you ever notice the follicles on your face sometimes look large on certain days? How do you get rid of them? Unfortunately we can not permanently rid our skin of large pores, but there are ways to reduce their appearance! The primary causes of enlarged pores are usually:

1. Try water-based products
If a person has oily skin, the best bet is to keep the pores clear! Water-based products provide an airy, light weight feel, that provide that right amount of nutrients. This prevents textured skin, large clogged pores, and an unsatisfied complexion.

2. Cleansing both morning & evening!
The basics! Having a good cleansing routine is essential. Cleansing the face every morning and evening helps to eliminate excess oil and dirt from the pores, environmental toxins, and the natural process of slouging dead skin.

3. Exfoliating
Any person with oily skin always remember to exfoliate! Depending on the product used, then the frequency of use changes. Exfoliating helps to remove impurities from the pores, which consequently reduces the poor size. Exfoliation keeps the pores purified, however they can look bigger if the skin becomes too dry as well.

4. Hydrate daily
The proper hydration regulates oil production and nourishes the skin! This allows the sebum to penetrate deeper into the skin, rather than sit in the pores on the surface. In this way, moisturizing normalized oil production and quenches dry skin.

5. Apply a detox mask
Using a detox mask once or twice a week can help clarify and remove excess oil from the pores. Personally, we love @mu_skincare

6. Always removing your makeup
A must! It is essential to always remove because it can lead to bacteria build up in the pores.TIP: Use an oil cleanser such as Grapeseed oil (antibacterial and antimicrobial) to remove your makeup, then rinse, and follow it with your normal cleanser.

7. Wear your sunscreen
It is crucial to care for your skin in the sun. If a person's skin becomes sun damaged, this can be very drying, or damaging cells that provide adequate elasticity and collagen. With less elastic skin = larger, dilated pores! Keeping the skin protected from the sun keeps the skin supple.


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