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Do something every day that is loving towards your body.

It's summer in Cali! With the current heat waves, it is a mission to stay cool, reduce excessive sun exposure and sweat build up! Here are a few tips to maintain the health of your biggest organ for the summer

1. Hydrate:

Major deal...Cleanse! Not once but twice. Once with a water based cleanser or oil/cream cleanser. Next with an appropriate mild cleanser that is ph balanced and suites your skin type. 2. Stick To A Routine:

Summer changes = skincare changes. Visit your local skincare therapist to help customize a routine if you cant seem to find what is working for you or just to maintain a monthly treatment.


Let it become a habit! Having at least an SPF pf 30 everyday is the way to go, with reapplication every two hours. Powder SPFs are great at picking up excess oil and reapplying sun protection.

4. Fish Oil & Then some:

Omega 3s are powerful supplements not only for the fitness world but also for a healthy gut and skin! Fatty acids lubricate and hydrate the skin to regulate oil production. Perfect for summer weather!

5. Stay Active:

Being active goes beyond having a toned body. According to research, exercise may have the potential to reverse skin aging. Consistently having optimal blood circulation and oxygen rich blood flow, helps flush out toxins and optimizes nutrient transportation to your organs like your skin! Your skin will still produce healthy oils, so it is still important to shower immediately after and be consistent with your cleansing routine. Exercising also produces endorphins that alleviates stress and cortisol - which is a common acne provoking hormone and collagen degenerative hormone. Glowing skin is another attribute! Oxygenated blood dilates our blood vessels that lie close to our surface to give us a youthful and healthy appearance. In the long run, the body will produce more collagen and elastin to help support firm and supple skin.

6. Switch It Up (Appropriately):

Make changes where needed to the products you are using. Summer skincare is completely different than winter skincare! If your breaking out more often, switch to a very mild exfoliating cleanser. If your skin is looking dry and dull, exfoliate and use a B5 serum to stay hydrated with a light weight feel. My favorites are Eminence's Marine Flower Peptide Serum and IS Clinical's Hydra Cool Serum.

7. Detox Detox Detox:

I am a person that normally sweats a lot, and it has been an ongoing battle to "control." I have found that making changes to the effects of excessive sweating has helped me manage, especially during the summer. Detox the skin of excess free radicals, sweat, dirt, dead skin, etc. Showering twice a day and straight after a workout, utilizing castile soap on the really hot days to remove excess build up, exfoliate and/or a body scrub a few times a week, and keep the feet clean and moisturized! My sister is the pedicure patrol! Never come around with unkempt feet.

8. Protective Attire:

Wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, and other protective clothing is great to boost your sunscreen. Sunscreen is only a level one defense mechanism.

9. Tanning Beds:

Are we really still doing that?

10. Driving:

UVA rays DO penetrate through windows and our hands are exposed while we drove. I love to use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid. It is a sunblock that dispenses as a liquid but is dry to the touch. I hate feeling greasy or the sensation of having clammy hands.

11. Examine:

Book an appointment with a local Dermatologist to get a thorough skin analysis. Skin cancer is very prevalent in all skin types.


with love...

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