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I would say laughter is the best medicine. But it's more than that. It's an entire regime of antibiotics and steroids. Laughter brings the swelling down on our national psyche and then applies an antibiotic cream. You gotta keep it away from your eyes.


Skincare is sometimes a cultural custom, learned routine, or simply not important for some! The latest craze that has gained global attraction over the past couple of years is Korean skincare or K beauty. Culture plays an impactful role in every society to various degrees. It is the same when it comes to beauty customs, standards, and trends. In South Korea, influencers promote beauty and fashion that influence societies aesthetic standards. There is a high priority to prevent premature damage by maintaining a youthful and dewy complexion. Skincare products are of higher importance over other beauty products for both women and men. The common skincare routine includes up to 10 steps! Skincare is an ingrained routine as washing your hands before a meal. It is a preventative means that becomes a natural part of ones lifestyle from a small age. Korean skincare is coveted around the world now due to the beautiful complexions of the native people and interesting skincare ingredients such as (fermented yeast and other ingredients, snail mucin, propolis or bee glue, birch sap, ginseng, aloe, centella asiatica, and licrocie root to name a few).

So how do you build a Korean regimen?

1. Cleanse:

Major deal...Cleanse! Not once but twice. Once with a water based cleanser or oil/cream cleanser. Next with an appropriate mild cleanser that is ph balanced and suites your skin type.

2. Exfoliation

Utilize an exfoliate up to two to three times a week.

3. Toning.

Maintains the ph and is good for preventing the skin from being striped of moisture.

4. Essence

Provides the ideal hydration for the skin, by utilizing water based ingredients after cleansing.

5. Ampoule

A booster serum that is packed with antioxidants, for extra moisture and treatment. It is great on occasion when your skin needs a pick me up like in winter months!

6. Serum

Like Essence, but it can have a thicker consistency. It’s lightweight, and you only need two or three drops.

7. Mask

Masks and sheet masks are another perfect pick me up item to use when traveling or if your skin needs some TLC. Store these in the fridge!

8. Eye cream

To keep the delicate area supple, utilize eye cream because the eyes show the first sign of aging.

9. Moisturizer

Everyone needs the right moisture levels for their skin.You can utilize one with or without SPF. But always wear SPF, of at least 30 for added skin protection.

10. Night cream

Another must to maintain moisture, hydration, and reparative properties!

Flawless skin is possibly just 10 steps away! It's always fun to discover various cultural practices around the world, especially with beauty!

with love...

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